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Thank You to all those who signed our online 10 Downing Street petition - which has, in just three months before it closed on 31st December, been personally signed by 1,455 individuals, making it better supported than over 98.5% of all the many thousands of petitions on every subject, on the 10 Downing Street website.

If you agree with the Campaign, there are a number of things you can do to help forward the Campaign's objectives:

  • Take our quick online opinion survey to make your views known
  • Register your email address to be kept informed of the Campaign's progress
  • Donate to the Campaign to help fund our lobbying activities
  • Write to the new Fire Safety Minister, Sadiq Khan MP - see below
  • Write to your local MP (click here to find out who)
  • Contact us with your experiences, for our 'case studies' file for Government
  • If you are directly affected, contact us to volunteer to be interviewed by the press
  • Email us photos illustrating how you are being affected
  • Let your members/readers know about the Campaign
  • Send out links to www.firesafetysense.com
  • Use our Campaign logo on your website and in emails etc (see below)

    For Scotland, click here For Scotland, click here.

    On 5th October 2008 in the Government "reshuffle", the previous Fire Safety Minister, Parmjit Dhanda MP, was replaced by Sadiq Khan MP (see news).

    Write to the new Fire Safety Minister at:

                   Sadiq Khan MP
                   Fire Safety Minister
                   Department of Communities and Local Governnment
                   Eland House
                   Bressenden Place
                   SW1E 5DU

    His email address is: sadiq.khan@communities.gsi.gov.uk

    and you are advised, if emailing the Minister, to copy your email to Louise Upton of the DCLG Fire Safety Policy Team. Her email address is: Louise.Upton@communities.gsi.gov.uk

    You are of course welcome to copy in the Campaign too, at Campaign@FireSafetySENSE.com

    The more people who write to the minister, especially with powerful personal testimony about the effect of RRFSO enforcement on their own homes, businesses and livelihoods, the more chance there is that some action will finally be taken.

    The Campaign logo

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    To download the Campaign logo, simply right-click on one of the blue logo names below, select "save target as", and save the logo to an appropriate place on your computer (usually "my documents"); you can then use it at your convenience.
    There are NO copyright restrictions - you are welcome to distribute it as you wish, as long as you do not alter the logo (apart from resizing it).

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