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Do You Have Paying Guests?
'Do You Have Paying Guests?'
The Government's NEW (November 2008) guidance booklet about the new regulations, for small accommodation providers. This has been produced in consultation with industry bodies (including the Bed and Breakfast Association, EASCO, Farm Stay UK and BII - all Campaign supporters), and is more user-friendly than previous publications. It includes a sample "Fire Risk Assessment" and a blank template.

Government Guidance Documents
The Government's Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) is responsible for fire safety, and this link goes to their page of guidance documents about the new regulations.

Official Guidance Booklet for Sleeping Accommodation
The Government's This link goes to the DCLG page where the full official guidance booklet for 'sleeping accommodation' owners about the new regulations can be found - you can either order a hard copy for 12, or download it free of charge.

The RRFSO - full wording
This link opens the full online wording of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (the "RRFSO") on the DCLG website.

The RRFSO - 'fire gateway' website
This link opens the Government's 'Fire Gateway' website about the RRFSO, explaining what the law requires.

The Enforcement Concordat
This link opens the Government's 'BERR' (Department of Business, enterprise and Regulatory Reform) website at the page about the 'Enforcement Concordat'. The Government introduced the Enforcement Concordat in 1998 in collaboration with business and local and national regulators. The aim is to promote good enforcement that brings benefits to business, enforcers and consumers. The Enforcement Concordat encourages partnership working between enforcers and businesses, and sets out the Principles of Good Enforcement which enforcers should apply in order to achieve higher levels of voluntary compliance. Two of the key principles are (1) Proportionality: ensuring that enforcement action is proportionate to the risks involved; and (2) Consistency: ensuring consistent enforcement practice.
The 'Enforcement Concordat' requires enforcers to "Tailor enforcement action to risks to minimise costs of compliance".

Health & Safety Executive - Enforcement
This link opens the HSE website on their page about enforcement policy; read and/or download their "Enforcement Policy Statement" and "Enforcement Management Model" here.

Health & Safety Executive - Sensible Risk Management
This link opens the HSE website on their page about the principles of sensible risk management. The HSE believes "risk management should be about practical steps to protect people from real harm and suffering - NOT "creating a totally risk free society" or "bureaucratic back covering".

Chief Fire Officers Association
This link opens the Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) website, on their page about enforcement of the RRFSO.

B&Bs' fate lies in the hands of bureaucrats
This link opens an article by Rowan Pelling in the Daily Telegraph about how the fire regulations have hit one typical family B&B in Suffolk.

The Bed and Breakfast Association
The trade association for B&B owners in the UK - one of the Campaign's key supporters (Chief Executive David Weston heads the Fire Safety SENSE campaign).
The Campaign for sensible and proportionate health and safety regulation.

For Scotland, click here For Scotland, click here.

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The RRFSO - click here to open the full online wording in a new window
The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (the "RRFSO"), which came into force in England and Wales on 1st October 2006. Click on the above cover image to open the full online wording in a new window.

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